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General Web Site FAQs

Does having a web site mean we will no longer have a FaceBook page?

I have photos from a boat or club trip that we did, can I put them on the web site?

If I have photos or a video to share, do I put it on Facebook or on the website?

Queen’s Harbour Yacht Club (QHYC) FAQs

What is the QHYC?

What are the officer positions?

What are QHYC membership Requirements?

How do I access the QHYC Web Site and Facebook?

How do I get started?

Do I need to own a boat?

Do I need to attend meetings?

Where can I find a member roster?

Is QHYC associated with the POA or Country Club?

Can I bring friends to events?

What is a trip Captain? 

How are annual dues allocated?

Does having a web site mean we will no longer have a FaceBook page? No, we will still have both. The web site and Facebook page will complement each other. The Facebook page is a dynamic sharing of current happenings at the club, allowing the sharing of activities in near real time. It also allows for quick comments and “likes” from those who have joined that page. However, by design, a Facebook page has limitations, and that is where the Web Site brings great value. First, not everyone is on Facebook, meaning that they do not see that content, while anyone with internet access at home or on their mobile can access the web site. Two further differences are the access to static club information – like calendar, contact information, rules, and forms, and easy access to photographs, stories, videos, and links to groups within the club, such as First Mates and Sail Queen’s Harbour. While Facebook also has photos and stories, over a short period of time these drop down and can be hard to find. On a web site all of these are available within two clicks, even “historical” items from years ago. So both Facebook and have a role to play in keeping you informed and giving the enjoyment of sharing, just in different ways!

I have photos from a boat or club trip that we did, can I put them on the web site? Absolutely, in fact we encourage you to! In the future we may add functionality that will allow you to directly add your stories, photos and videos to the site. But for now please use the Contact link at the top of the page if you have something from a personal boat trip or club event that you would like to share. We will then contact you and arrange to have your items added to the site.

If I have photos or a video to share, do I put it on Facebook or on the website? It’s your choice! You can send it to the Facebook administrator or put it on your own Facebook page and suggest that it be shared by the Yacht Club Facebook administrator. The website administrator can then pick it off the Facebook page and get it onto the site. Or you can contact the web site administrator to have it added to the web site, the Facebook administrator can then share that page on the Facebook site. Your choice!

What is the QHYC? QHYC is a private not for profit organization.  There are no paid officers and QHYC is run 100% by volunteers.  It is a social club encouraging recreational boating, promoting boating safety, and sharing of experiences on and around the water.  We operate on a fiscal year Apr 1 through March 31.

What are the officer and volunteer positions?

Commodore-  Preside all meetings of the board, host Annual Meeting, lead all activities and events, liaise with outside organizations, establish and manage budget, authorize communications to members, review and approve all memberships. Position rotates out.

Vice Commodore-   Exercise powers of the Commodore in his absence, assist the Commodore, host specific events and activities assigned by the Commodore, and perform other duties assigned by the Board or Commodore.  Position anticipated rotating to Commodore

Secretary – Maintain and have custody of all corporate records except financial records, record meeting records, authenticate records of the Corporation, prepare mailings and notices to members, maintain the website, and perform other duties prescribed by the board or Commodore. Position anticipated rotating to Vice Commodore.

Treasurer – Care of all funds, financial records, collections, and deposits, provide the board with quarterly updates against budget, event revenue vs expenses.  Position may stay multiple years.

The bridge also appoints a number of volunteer positions:

Fleet Captain – Organize Event Hospitality especially at away from QH events.  Leads member volunteers event set up and take down.  Ensure Beverage requirements including inventory, ice.  Solicit member help as needed.

Social Media Coordinator – Administers our FaceBook and Instagram accounts.

Web Coordinator – Administers the QHYC’s web site, including the SailQH site.

First Mates Coordinator – we have a very active First Mates (ladies) group.

Sailing Coordinator – runs the Sail Queens Harbour youth and adult programs.

What are QHYC membership Requirements? 

Full Yacht Club members/Voting members.

QHYC is a private Yacht Club membership. Your family eligibility is based upon being a Queen’s Harbour Resident, Leasing a Boat Slip at the QH Marina, or by Membership at the Queen’s Harbour Yacht and Country (QHY&CC). With over 200 members, we’re sure you will create lasting memories.

Youth Sailing Membership is open to all area youth.

How do I access the QHYC Web Site and Facebook? 

QHYC club official website

QHYC Facebook website

There is also a link to the Facebook page on the website.

How do I get started? 

Go to 

Click on Membership and fill out the registration form

Send completed form with annual dues (check or VENMO) as detailed on the web page.

Pending Commodore approval you will be added to QHYC member message distribution system

You will be asked to accept our messages via mailchimp.  Please accept

You will begin receiving activity and event invitations

Do I need to own a boat? No.  You do not need to be a boat owner.  We have over 100 families in QHYC.  Approximately 60% own boats.  QHYC is a social club with plenty of action for everyone.  Membership includes access to our fleet of Bauer and Optimist sailboats.

Do I need to attend meetings? We host an annual Business Meeting once per year to vote in the new slate of officers.  Votes can be submitted by proxy.  We need a 25% membership attendance/proxy to validate.

Where can I find a member roster? Member rosters are updated twice annually and distributed to all members in good standing.  If you are a member in good standing you can email and request a copy at any time.  The membership roster is for use of QHYC members only.  Please do not distribute.

Is QHYC associated with the POA or Country Club? No.  QHYC is a separate and unique organization.  That said, a significant majority of our members are also POA members (i.e. property owners of QH).  66% of QHYC members have also joined the country club

Can I bring friends to events? Yes.  We encourage guests.  Member’s guests that fit within QHYC eligibility requirements (e.g. are residents of Queens Harbour or members of the Country Club) are welcome for their first two events.  To attend a third event, they will have to join our club.  Member’s guests that do not fit within QHYC eligibility requirements can visit as invited (e.g. out of town family and friends).

What is a trip Captain? Trip Captain is a volunteer assigned by the board to host a travelling event. A Trip Captain might coordinate travel information, tides, accommodations, meals, and excursions.  The Trip Captain works closely with the Fleet Captain.  Trip Captain volunteers should notify a Board member.

How are annual dues allocated? The annual dues are used to subsidize the many events, including food, beverages and live entertainment as well as fees associated with liability insurance, and web presence.