Current Active Membership Renewals (2022/2023):  $230.00

New Memberships for 2022/2023:  $275.00
(includes a one time initiation)

Past Commodore:  $100.00

Deadline for Payments:  July 31, 2021
Preferred Method of Payments:  Venmo, Zelle or Check
If you have any questions regarding status of membership or payment assistance – please connect with Yacht Club.

Club History

In early 1993, Harbor Master David Cawton approached Bob Pitman, who would be the first Commodore, with the idea of forming a Yacht Club. They got together with Rodney Lay, Scott Weiland and a couple of others and formed the Yacht Club. They decided to charge $40.00 per person, and within one month they had $4,000.00 in the bank! The first thought was to party! So up to Fort George they went with about 20 boats.

They then arranged the first Fishing Tournament, where the club’s bold fishermen went out all day, and caught nothing! Bob Pitman went to Publix and purchased steaks for everyone and they had a cookout.

It is thought that during Chuck Walton’s term as Commodore the club had the first ball, a grand affair with everyone in black tie. It is a more recently that the bridge have gone to the white pants and blazers.

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