2017 Lighted Boat Parade

The 2017 Queen’s Harbour Lighted Boat Parade on the lagoon was held on a beautiful, near full moon, balmy December evening. We had 20 boats turn out and hundreds (if not a thousand or more)  people lining the lagoon to watch the parade.

And while we were ALL winners, there were some prize winners:

Small Boat # 14 –  Sea Cat – Margerum/Sullivan

Medium Boat # 10 – Ripple Effect – Stone

Large Boat # 12 – Escape – Proctor – Overall Boat Winner

Best Costumes  # 8 – Little Sonas – Lawrance

Best Decorations # 17 – Bass Clef – Russel

Best Spirit # 4 – Deep Thinker – Bone

Best Dock – Busch

The photo gallery is below. Simply click on the first photo to enlarge it and then scroll through the photos. Right click and save any photo you want to download.

There is also a short video after the gallery of the Children’s Choral.

The following gallery was created by Dolores Douglas – thanks Dolores!




Jacksonville Children’s Chorus

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  1. As you can see by all of these photos ….Queen’s Harbour certainly has plenty of Christmas spirit. Every decorated boat was festive and fun and Santa did not disappoint… the best Yacht Club parade yet. The home decorations along the parade route were spectacular…The JAX Children’s Choir was a Christmas gift to all… they were wonderful. The club room was decorated Christmas perfect… the food and service were delicious. If you were not in the Christmas mood when you left….. Bah Hum bug to you…and Merry Christmas to everyone…